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What are the opening dimensions? 

The opening on your coop should be 12" inches in height by 8.5" inches in width. If you're opening is too large install some filler 2x4s or equivalent to make the gap smaller!

Issue 1: Door has power but won't close.

A: Most likely it has something to do with the infrared motion sensor. Try adjusting the screw on the back of the infrared sensor counter clockwise one or two full rotations then pressing the close button. Also clean off the glass on the opposite end where the sensor actually senses from as that can get dirty. Point the infrared sensor into open space if the first two didn't work and try it again. If it closes pointed into the air then you'll need to adjust the screw counter clockwise further.

Issue 2: My door does not have power anymore.

A:  The battery pack is for emergencies only it is not meant to be used to power your door all the time. If you're using the power cord then try plugging in the external battery pack with some batteries and see if it's an issue with the power cord, if the battery pack powers the door properly I'll send you a replacement power cord. See the how to solar power my door tab for easy and inexpensive solar power option!


Issue 3: Door was working fine then stopped working. My door is powered by the power cord/solar.

A: If the LED lights still come on but the door simply won't open anymore try loosening the installation screws and testing the door again. If it still doesn't open then the motor may have burnt out, email us at and we can send you a replacement motor if you're within warranty. With the replacement ensure to not overtighten the screws into the door frame because it compresses the frame and makes the door motor work in overdrive to open/close. If you purchased the door more than 6 months ago visit our order-0nline page and purchase the replacement head unit. The replacement head unit has all of the upgraded motors and electronics and at $40 you have a brand new door. The shipping alone costs me $25 and the head unit more than that so please tell your friends about FarmLite and the product/service I provide.

Issue 4: My door jumps while opening or closing.

A: Make sure your door is installed on a flat level frame, if the door isn't installed on a flat and level surface it can bend the frame over time and cause this issue. Take the door off and press the test button to open and close, if it works properly then fix the levelness in the frame of coop opening. If it doesn't send me a video to the frame may have bent or motor gears may have stripped.

Issue 5: I cannot screw the screws in with a screwdriver? 

A: The self tapping screws are meant to be installed with an electric power drill.

Issue 6: The door is not opening all the way or closing all the way?

A: Ensure there are no obstructions in the door. Loosen the installation screws, the door could be compressed if the screws are installed too tightly. See adjusting the opening/closing resistance of the door in the instruction manual and increase the resistance level.

If you need another copy of the manual just shoot me an email at

Issue 7: I use the light sensor for the automatic chicken coop door to open and close by itself but it's not opening early enough or closing late enough?

A: We suggest starting the 4L OP setting at 4 and the CL setting at 7. Make sure to check on the door the first few days and adjust these settings as you see fit to ensure the door opens and closes around the times you desire!


For Open 9 = The most light for the door to open 0 = The least for the door to open



For Close 9 = The least light for door to close 0 = The most light for the door to close

Click Button For Timer Issues

If this troubleshooting did not fix your door then please reach out to me via email and I'll respond shortly or give you a call. 

If you need further help please email us at and we will get back to you within a couple of hours! Leave a phone number in your email if you'd like a call instead.

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