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Timer Issues

Follow these instructions to diagnose whether your timer is faulty or the door settings were not set correctly.

1. Unplug the door from power

2. Plug the door back in

3. Set local time to 0800, push SET button and 2t:OP will apear

4. Set 2t:OP to 0805, push SET button and 3t:CL will appear

5. Set 3t:CL to 0807, push SET button until you see 5T:OF appear. 

6. Turn 5T: to ON by pushing the + button then press the SET button to confirm.

7. Turn 6L: to OF by pushing the - button if it was set to ON.

8. Do not change any other settings. 

9. Wait until the door goes to 0805 to confirm if the door opens.

10. Wait until the door goes to 0807 to confirm the door closes.

11. If following these steps made your door work follow the same instructions to program the door to your local time and your door open and close time. Ensure to unplug the door again prior to doing so just to give it a hard reset.

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