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  • ✔️ Door Frame Opening of 10 inches x 10 inches!
  • 🦺 The Cutout Opening for the Coop is 12-7/8 inches x 11 inches!
  • ⚡ MULTIPLE POWER OPTIONS: Other automatic coop doors do not have multiple power options, FarmLite automatic chicken coop doors do! Power our door by the included 3W Solar Panel and  5000 mAh Battery or the included USB charge cable!
  • 🦺 SAFETY FEATURE: The FarmLite automatic coop door comes with an infrared motion sensor to ensure the door waits for your birds to get in before closing
  • ⏰ TIMER OR LIGHT SENSOR: When it comes to an automatic chicken door you want flexibility, that's what we offer. Set it up to open and close on a timer OR an easy to use light sensor so you can have it open and close when you want it to.
  • ⛄ WEATHER RESISTANT: When it comes to chicken coop doors automatic electric and weather can be a bad combo, our doors are 100% weather-proof unlike other brands!
  • 🇺🇲 AMERICAN OWNED BRAND: The only American owned brand, if you ever have issues with your FarmLite electric chicken coop door we'll be there to help!
  • 💯 QUALITY DESIGN: Other automatic chicken doors don't tend to last more than a year, FarmLite's auto chicken coop door is built to last!
  • ✔️ OUT OF THE BOX READY: Install and operate the FarmLite Chicken Coop door in less than 10 minutes! Have questions? We're here to help


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