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👑 QUALITY DESIGN: The FarmLite egg incubator with automatic egg turning and humidity control is the ultimate egg incubation system. We spent months perfecting our system to provide our customers with the best hatch rates possible.

  • Incubator rotates eggs every 2 hours.

🐓 When it comes to egg incubators for hatching eggs there is only one truly complete system that you can depend on, FARMLITE's egg incubator includes a dual water channel, a ventilation hole, smooth egg rotation and a high lumens egg candler.

🐣 ADJUSTABLE EGG ROWS: Whether it’s egg incubators for chickens or geese, with the FarmLite adjustable rows you can hatch whatever species of bird you choose!

🦢 BROODY HEN ROTATION: FARMLITE’s egg incubator with automatic egg turning utilizes a motion that replicates a broody hen turning her eggs. Matching what a mother hen does while she’s broody is one of the major differences between our product and the rest.

✔️ OUT OF THE BOX READY: Our dual water channel has been crafted to create the perfect egg incubator with humidity control. The dual channel system gives you the ultimate control over the humidity of the incubator regardless of the external environment.

⍦ FarmLite offers a 12-month warranty on all our products so you can shop with confidence.

🇺🇲 AMERICAN OWNED BRAND: FarmLite is an American owned brand, if you ever need help or have issues, we are just a email or phone call away!


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