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✔️ Door Opening of 10 inches x 8.5 inches!

⚡ MULTIPLE POWER OPTIONS: Other automatic coop doors do not have multiple power options, FarmLite automatic chicken coop doors do!

  • Power our door by the power cord or the solar setup (Solar Setup is sold seperately)!
  • Includes a re-chargeable 12 Volt 3000 mAh Lithium Battery pack that can power the door for up to 3 days.

🦺 SAFETY FEATURE: The FarmLite automatic coop door comes with an infrared motion sensor to ensure the door waits for your birds to get in before closing

⏰ TIMER OR ADJUSTABLE LIGHT SENSOR: When it comes to an automatic chicken door you want flexibility, that's what we offer. Set it up to open and close on a timer OR an adjustable light sensor so you can have it open and close EXACTLY when you want it to.

⛄ WEATHER RESISTANT: When it comes to chicken coop doors automatic electric and weather can be a bad combo, our doors are 100% weather-proof unlike other brands!

🇺🇲 AMERICAN OWNED BRAND: The only American owned brand, if you ever have issues with your FarmLite electric chicken coop door we'll be there to help!

💯 QUALITY DESIGN: Other automatic chicken doors don't tend to last more than a year, FarmLite's auto chicken coop door is built to last!

✔️ OUT OF THE BOX READY: Install and operate the FarmLite Chicken Coop door in less than 10 minutes! Have questions? We're here to help


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